Stiftung Bartels Fondation

The cultural foundation is a private establishment of the founder Rainer Bartels, who has been committed to the promotion of contemporary art in all areas for years. After selling some of his shares a company, he decided to establish a cultural center in Basel. It was logically converted into a foundation. The foundation was established in March 2004.

 The house at No. 17 on Augustinergasse was added as a donation (Der Kleine MarkgräflerhofThe Small Markgräflerhof from 1376). Up to 4 studios will be made available free of charge to promote contemporary art by awarding grants to artists. The categories »fine arts«, »music«, »literature« and »other forms of contemporary art« are to be introduced by appropriate artists.

It’s not possible to apply for a grant. For more information on the selection process, see “Application modalities”

Application modalities

You can’t apply for a grant.

The scholarship recipients are selected exclusively by the Board of Trustees or the Advisory Board. These meet at least once a year. The scholarship holders have already made a name for themselves in their subject area and already have catalogues/books/public awards, prizes, other scholarships and/or have already organized their own events (performances, readings, exhibitions, etc.). Students are not accepted.

Direct applications to the foundation will not be processed! They are excluded from a consultation and documents will not be returned. There is an opportunity for extra funding for scholarship holders and the offer to hold a public events in Lädeli (exhibition / event space on the first floor) or on the Rhine terrace during the scholarship period.

The Committee

The Board of Trustees

​Foundation President
Rainer Bartels, Basel (CH)

Board member / Deputy
Anina Gröger, Pforzheim (D)

Board member
Dietlev Bartels, Edesheim (D)

The Advisory Board

A – The advisory boards appointed by the Board of Trustees are currently (2020):
  • Desirée Meiser, Intendantin des Gare du Nord, Basel (CH)
  • Stephan Schmidt, Direktor der Musikhochschulen FHNW, Basel (CH)
  • Janine Schmutz, Kunsthistorikerin, Basel (CH)
  • Dr. Jürgen Glocker, Germanist, Waldshut (D)
B – Temporary advisory boards from among the scholarship holders are currently (as of 12/2022)
  • Nicola Schrudde
  • Angelika Böck
  • Elly Weiblen